On-Site Staff Training:   Successful Shade-Matching Photography

This is DMD’s most popular service -- working with your staff in your clinic! This provides ideal hands-on training in the use of your digital SLR system in creating consistent and successful custom shade imaging.  Are you experiencing too many re-makes because of incorrect shades from your lab?  Mastering successful shade-matching photography, in order to provide accurate color information to your lab, is an accessible and practical skill, and is essential in the growth and profitability of your practice.   We’ll cover:

  1. -Camera & flash settings that maximize image quality and operational consistency

  2. -hands-on shade taking techniques using retractors, contrasters, shade tabs and neutralizing tabs

  3. -file management: preparing your images for email

  4. -computer issues: printing, monitor calibration, and archiving

  5. -successful communication with the dental lab

This is informative and enjoyable instruction will benefit your entire staff!

Schedule all or part of a day with Dave Hutt

fees start at $1495 (West Coast and Inter-Mountain

west; other locations slightly higher) 

(Additional travel expenses may be added for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada & Mexico.  Group rates are available, too. Call or email Dave for information)

“Consistent, proper utilization of the camera will increase case acceptance by as much as 30% per month.  Those dental practitioners who subscribe to the theory that an educated patient is a patient who values optimal dentistry and accepts recommended procedures readily and consistently are not at all surprised by this correlation”

--Dental Hygiene:  The Pulse of the Practice, Cynthia McKane-Wagester, PennWell Books 2002, p. 103

Whether you’ve just acquired your digital camera system, or have been using it with inconsistent (and frustrating!) results for some time, spending a day with Dave Hutt will bring your entire staff to a high skill level.  Successful dental photography is essential for

  1. -Patient Education

  2. -Pre- and Post-treatment Documentation

  3. -Peer-to-Peer Communication

  4. -Case Presentation for Board Certification

Training with Dave with your staff, in your clinic, is an enjoyable and effective learning experience. He’ll cover these topics:

  1. -Camera & flash settings that will maximize image quality while making the process simple and consistent

  2. -Using mirrors, retractors, and contrastors

  3. -Successful full-face & portrait photography

  4. -Computer, file management and printing issues

  5. -Complete overview of your digital SLR camera, flash, and lenses for general photography

“Dave and I have worked together on several dental photography programs in the past few years. His attention to detail and vast knowledge regarding the aspect of his business has never ceased to amaze me. He is dedicated to providing the dental team with the skills they need to succeed in producing an excellent photographic product, along with the knowledge of managing the data. He has the ability to teach the complexities, while providing the overall general usage of dental photography for each dental office. I highly recommend Dave to anyone interested in photography and it is always a pleasure to work with him.” July 12, 2010

-- Connie Rempala, former Director of Education, PDA Dental Laboratory/Education Center, Lafayette Colorado

On-Site Staff Training 2:   Successful Intraoral & Extraoral Photography

Schedule all or part of a day with Dave Hutt

fees start at $1495 (West Coast and Inter-Mountain

west; other locations slightly higher)